Sunday, June 26, 2011

TV Trinity

Who said nothing good comes from watching TV.  Three wood working shows (That I have watched) that really made me want to get to cutting.

1- New Yankee Work Shop.  I know alot of fine wood workers are less then impressed with some of Norm Abram's techniques and use of tools, but the projects seemed to look like something one can actually pull off.  Like every show on this list you never saw the piles of scrap wood used to set up the saw, or seen the amount of time to tweak his tools, but give the man a brad nailer and time and anything was possible.  Oh and I am pretty sure he is the only wood worker to ever be on the classic Animaniacs cartoon.

Next is David Marks.  His show "Wood Works" on DIY was probably the most technical shows on the subject I have ever seen.  Watching it left me thinking that projects can transcend function.  His explanation of techniques and demonstrations of how he pulled of his tricks was amazing.  He also introduced different materials and glues.  To me the projects were his means of expressing concepts instead of step by step instructions on how to put something together.

Lastly "The Wood Smith Shop" on PBS has been putting out some really good stuff.  This has become my favorite show, and now I get their shop tips magazine. The projects tend to emphasize different techniques and joints and their "Tips" are helpfull to a Newbee.  Also measured drawings and plans are free from their website.  I have put together their Slant Front Toolbox with a few slight modifications and really like it. I hop to post pics soon.

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  1. Hello Trevor, I found your blog through Lumber Jocks as I was wasting some time this evening looking to see what shops were in the vicinity of mine.

    You've got a good start to things here, I'm adding you to my reader and I can't wait to see where you go from here.

    Reading your bio I found something else we have in common besides woodworking, I have been known to roll a D20 from time to time myself. have to admit I'm not sure they've ever really improved on the 1st edition though.

    It's been good to meet you, I'll be reading.