Saturday, June 25, 2011

A blog about an idiot with power tools

There are lots of wood working blogs out there, and I know some are far better then mine will be.  So whats my angle, what will make this blog different?  Well in short as of a few years ago I was all but a complete idiot.  Other then a shop class in high school my only exposure to building anything was prefab shelves from big box stores.  These shelves began to sag and fall apart so I thought I can do better, and I found an OLD craftsman table saw at a yard sale, and the adventure began. 

I am not sure how I managed to keep my fingers.  Even though I did not know the difference between a rip and a cross cut I set out to build a book shelf and learned a few good lessons...

1- Free hand cross cutting is a bad idea on a table saw.
2- kick back is not just a myth and can in fact dent siding  on ones house at 20 paces
3- Pine is a pain to stain
4- weekend projects always take more than a weekend.
5- Some mysterious force makes the shelf move out of square to the left or right depending on relative humidity and temperature.  I now know this is called wood movement, and is normal and not a sign of a haunting, or demonic shelf possession.

The picture ablve is not my saw.  That saw is long gone, but the model above is pretty much the same beast (I stole the picture).  I hope to take pics of the shelf and post soon.  So I am going to look at the tools I have (the good to the very bad), projects I have made (the fantastic to the plain F'd up), and lessons I have learned (and I will wonder how I am still alive).  Also I will post plans for those interested.

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